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Anti-Piracy measures mean top names to sell through us!

We have been approached by several 'Big Name' magicians regarding putting their material out as downloads from www.underground-collective.com but they all have one concern:

How can they prevent their work from being copied ?

This is the reason so little material is available in E-book form and we believe we may just have cracked it! We have developed a system for protecting the E-Books that includes encryption and personalisation of each and every copy that should discourage the copying of manuscripts!

What does this mean to you ?

Firstly, some very well-known magicians are now happy for their material to be released through us - which means we can bring you top quality material on demand!

Secondly, by limiting piracy, fewer people will have access to the material you purchase; this makes it more valuable to you because less people will know the secrets you do!

Finally - and this is the big one - we can keep the prices down. This heralds a new, exciting era for Magic E-Book publishing; keep posted for more news!

Other news...

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Anti-Piracy measures mean top names to sell through us!

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