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Members Area - FREE Stuff

Welcome to the Member's Free Areas; from time to time we shall post various free effects and videos here from our various booklets and sometimes from our as-yet unpublished repertoire

The first item we'd like to offer you is from the new booklet "The Cheetah's Handbook" - a superb four-ace revelation from Luke Dancy! The book itself consists of this effect plus twelve other effects ranging from card routines to mentalism, coins and... some more esoteric material! You can view more details about the booklet by visiting the product page where you can view yet another video of an effect from the ebook!

But for now, please enjoy this free effect - we suggest you first view the video then read about the method!

Dancin' with Dancy








Dancin' with Dancy is a superb four-ace revelation that has a really visual appearance and a smooth handling that is extremely easy to perform!


On the top of the face down deck is an ace followed by two face-up aces. On the bottom of the deck is the fourth ace, face down.


Introduce the deck and explain how when you want four of a kind, the usual way is to spread through the cards to locate them – however, magicians often use other approaches to this; for example, here’s a way of finding one ace…

Perform a false cut (or two) and then flip the deck over to show the first ace. Casually spread a few cards beyond the ace as you explain how that’s one ace found but there are still three more. This time you’ll try to find them a little more impressively:

Grip the deck in left hand dealing grip, left thumb on top. Throw the deck into the right hand, retaining the top and bottom cards. This is a very old ‘move’ which you probably already know and use – however, this time you perform the move with a little variation; as the deck leaves the left hand, flip it over; it enters the right hand turned over – and as soon as the right hand receives the deck, push the top card forward. At the same time, push the top card of the pair of aces that are in your left hand over also. The effect is to display the four of a kind in a nice formation.

This whole process takes an instant – and if performed correctly, the other three aces just appear! What more could a magician ask for?!


The move used within the routine is a variant of Two Card Catch, from Expert Card Technique and is often associated with Hofzinser.

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