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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] I purchased a download from you but I didn't receive an email telling me how I can download the file!

[A] Some ISP's do not accept email from automated servers. Often, the email may end up in your 'Spam' folder - if you are an AOL customer, try looking in there!

If you still cannot find any information on your download, send us a mail and we shall help. To do this, click here: support@underground-collective.com

We will answer your mails as soon as we possibly can, but we are based in the UK so sometimes timezones work against us; please be patient! In all cases, we aim to respond within one working day.

ISP's that reject automated emails do so in an attempt to reduce spam, this is great as it reduces all that junk mail, the downside is that 'automated' email from sites like ours will also be rejected, you may wish to mail your ISP and complain that mail you need to see is being rejected. It is your right to receive all the mail that you expect!

[Q] I have my download but I can't open it.

[A] All downloads are compressed into ZIP files to help reduce transmission time - so the first thing you need to do is unzip the file. You can do this by downloading a utility such as WinZip on a PC (or using Windows XP, you can just double-click on the ZIP file to open it up) or Stuffit on a Mac.

Once you have unzipped the file, you can read the document using Adobe Acrobat. Note that our copy-protection system requires that you use at least Acrobat V5 to read the file. The Acrobat Reader is a free download from www.adobe.com

[Q] I've tried to open the Acrobat file but I get the error "This viewer cannot decrypt this document". What can I do ?

[A] You need the latest Adobe Acrobat reader - download it from www.adobe.com and you'll be able to open the file.

[Q] I'm trying to open the Acrobat file but it is asking me for a password - what should I use ?

[A] Part of our document security protects each document on an individual basis - your password will be the 'Username' part of the PayPal email address you use - so if your PayPal email is 'fred@mydomain.com' then your password will be 'fred'.

[Q] I have a great routine I'd like to put online - are the Underground Collective interested in selling it for me ?

[A] Yes, we are. Mail it to submissions@underground-collective.com and we shall take a look and get back to you! We're particularly interested in downloadable material.