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Sensory Projection

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Most mentalism effects involve a prop of some kind; be it information written down on a piece of paper, a book from which a word is peeked or any other object which is used to achieve the effect.

The Mentalists 'holy grail' however, is to perform with no props whatsoever; he is, after all, a mind reader - so why not just go out there and read minds ? We can all do it, though to a lesser or greater extent, depending on our inherent abilities - for example, what do you think this beast is thinking ?

If you thought 'Moo' then congratulations; you're right! Now imagine if it had been a picture of a person. Do you think you would have guessed as accurately ? Probably not. Unless, of course, you had read 'Sensory Projection' and you were performing the effect 'Being There' from the manuscript!

'Sensory Projection' is a system we have designed for performing mind-reading stunts; the system can be applied to many different topics and in the manuscript we have used the system to give you the effect 'Being There' in which the spectator thinks of a movie and you, the mentalist, by using the 'Sensory Projection' technique reveals the spectator's inner thoughts.

But here's what 'kills':

The spectator isn't asked to 'project the words onto a screen' while you pluck the letters from the title. The spectator isn't asked to write the movie down on a piece of paper, from which you then divine the chosen movie. Instead, the spectator imagines they are in the movie and you sense what they see, what they feel, what they hear and what they smell. This is why it is called 'Sensory Projection'. .

You receive a 25 page professionally designed downloadable manuscript complete with a description of the 'Sensory Projection' system, the superb effect 'Being There' and all the information you require to develop your own stunning effects using the concept!

'Sensory Projection' is available right now for immediate download! Note that the purchase will be made in pounds-sterling - all other prices shown are approximate guidelines only; exchange rates will fluctuate.