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Imagine having a spectator just think of a word... imagine being able to be able to pluck the letters of that word out of thin air and slowly rebuild that thought in front of the spectator as though you had drawn it directly out of their mind!

The secret? The age old mentalist tool ‘The Progressive Anagram' and guess what? 'Panagram' is the ultimate tool for creating them, quickly and easily!

  • Have the spectator think of Sign of the Zodiac or an Animal! Slowly you receive the thought and construct the very word thought of with ease!
  • Now take this further... suppose you're performing your magic and mentalism in a restaurant - you have a spectator pick up a menu and think of a cocktail... you receive her thoughts and reveal what cocktail she is thinking of!
  • Consider working a tradestand; have a spectator think of a word on the packaging of the product... you reveal to the crowd the exact word being thought of!

For the newcomer to this revolutionary technique, Panagram offers an easy and interesting way to explore this fascinating underground concept. Seasoned Mentalists and Magicians will find this an invaluable tool for creating their custom Anagrams effortlessly.

Running on both the PC and the Apple Mac, 'Panagram' is the last word in Progressive Anagram Development Software! Take a look at the screenshot:

Available now for instant download and priced so low it won't break any budget! Comes complete with documentation and many pre-constructed lists! The possibilities are endless so start creating now!