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Underground Collection Volume 1

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'The Underground Collection Volume One' is a collection of card effects from the creative minds of Jamie Badman, Colin Miller and Friends! It's a downloadable E-Book consisting of five different routines, most with full presentations, ranging from 'very easy' to 'a little bit tricky'. They all share one common attribute, however - strong magic.

Here's a rundown of the contents:

  • Mixed Cargo: An easy location routine with a lovely kicker, this effect is the collective brainchild of Jamie Badman, Peter Duffie and Robin Robertson.
  • The Three Wizards: A four-phase routine demonstrating the magical exploits of three great wizards, Houdini, Copperfield and Blaine! This is a real worker; in-the-hands, many magical moments and a wonderful 'hands off' climax! Incorporates the superb 'Last Man Standing' triumph by John Bannon from his upcoming book 'Dear Mr Fantasy'!
  • The Voodoo Deck: A trip down to New Orleans and a deck with a mind of its own - dare you try this for yourselves ?!
  • Pain, Strain and Backache: A doctor consults his medical manual, a bartender checks out a book of cocktails... and a magician reads the deck to find a selected card... or does he ?! A location routine with smooth patter and a great sucker punch!
  • Here It Is: We've all seen the fun routines from Chad Long, John Lovick et al where little messages on the cards direct the magician to the spectator's chosen card... but this routine does all that and just a little bit more...

The E-Book is 25 pages in size; we could have made it larger with a few 'padding' effects but we didn't see the point; these five routines will each serve you well; you'd only throw away the 'padding' anyway! So grab a deck of cards, sit back and enjoy 'The Underground Collection Volume One'!

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