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'Softcore' - A collection of new card routines from Jamie Badman; there are two versions of this manuscript - this one excludes a couple of XXX-rated effects and costs slightly less, while 'Hardcore' - while being slightly more expensive, includes them - and they are absolute killers - provided you and your audience are not easily offended.

Make sure you purchase the correct version of this ebook - we do not wish to offend so be certain you buy the right one for you!

So what's in this new collection? A few new 'moves' and some great routines. The McDonald's Opener is such a sweet way to begin a McDonald's Ace Routine - the gaffs are used in such a different way and the routine switches the Aces in to play for you.

Let me give you a brief run through of what you can expect from this manuscript:

  • McDonald's Opener - this is a prelude routine for McDonald's Aces which rings in the gaffs in a very neat way.
  • Elevated - An elevator routine where the Ace through Four of Hearts each pass through the deck in turn and then all change to Spades at the conclusion.
  • What the World Wants - a new 'Ambitious' style card move incorporated in to a short transposition routine.
  • Pickpocket - a card in the pocket changes places with a card outjogged from the deck; this uses my new variation of an old Marlo move.
  • IOU - a short, sweet commercial card routine where an 'IOU' given to the spectator changes in to a selected card and then on to the kicker!
  • Snap - 90% Hands-off two-spectator coincidence effect, leaving you with four of a kind at the conclusion.
  • Twin Control - quite a suprising control of two cards using multiple principles. This also includes another variant of 'Snap'.

So that's the deal. I feel confident you'll enjoy this collection of routines - it's hot, it's good and as always, we stand by this product 100%.

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