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'Hardcore' - A collection of new card routines from Jamie Badman; there are two versions of this manuscript - this one contains a couple of XXX-rated effects, while 'Softcore', also available on our site, does not. Make sure you purchase the correct version - we do not wish to offend so be certain you buy the right one for you!

So what's in this new collection? A few new 'moves', some great routines and of course the absolutely superb 'See You Next Tuesday'. You may have heard about this routine before; it's become a bit of a 'signature' routine of mine, along with Misdirection Monte'. I've been using it for five or six years now and it's time to put it 'out there'.

If you do magic for a group of guys, or for mates down the pub or club then this routine absolutely kills. If you work a bar, then this routine definitely has a place in your repertoire for the right situation. It has a great story, the cards fit with the story perfectly and magically. The moves are covered by the laughter.

Be warned though, it is VERY rude. The clue is in the title!

Anyway, here's a brief run through of what you can expect from this manuscript:

  • McDonald's Opener - this is a prelude routine for McDonald's Aces which rings in the gaffs in a very neat way.
  • Elevated - An elevator routine where the Ace through Four of Hearts each pass through the deck in turn and then all change to Spades at the conclusion.
  • What the World Wants - a new 'Ambitious' style card move incorporated in to a short transposition routine.
  • Pickpocket - a card in the pocket changes places with a card outjogged from the deck; this uses my new variation of an old Marlo move.
  • IOU - a short, sweet commercial card routine where an 'IOU' given to the spectator changes in to a selected card and then on to the kicker!
  • Snap - 90% Hands-off two-spectator coincidence effect, leaving you with four of a kind at the conclusion.
  • Twin Control - quite a suprising control of two cards using multiple principles. This also includes another variant of 'Snap'.
  • See You Next Tuesday - quite firmly an XXX rated packet trick. I've been doing this for some years - if you've met me at a convention and seen me do a really dirty packet trick, it was this one. I've always wanted to publish it but didn't want to offend - then I thought of this 'two version' ebook idea. Please, if you're easily offended, buy the version without this routine. It's a story trick with four cards that contain letters upon them. It is highly entertaining and also shocking. This is PERFECT for a bachelor/stag parties and down the pub with your rowdy mates!
  • The Pubic Card - another rude-ish trick; this is more a presentation using a commercial item you may already have. It's a very funny approach and definitely works well in the right situation (I did it once at Hooters and it went down a treat!)

So that's the deal. I know it's said all the time that a routine is worth the price of the book and we all take that with a pinch of salt - but I honestly believe that in this ebook you could say this for three or four of the routines within; I'm very proud to offer this collection to you and I'm sure you'll find something inside that you like a great deal!

Get this while you can - it's hot and it's good. As always, we stand by this product 100%.

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