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The Mega Collection

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€ 48.00
$ 70.00
£ 38.00

Ok, here's the deal. The UC Mega Collection is a package consisting of four great UC products:
So what makes this 'Mega'? Why the price, of course! This little lot would normally cost you 51 UK Pounds but if you buy these all together, they'll cost just 38. A saving of 13 - approximately $25.

We believe that this package represents incredible value for money; the amount of material in the ebooks is staggering and the DVD is both entertaining and contains some of our best magic.

So if you were thinking of buying one or two of these items, why not stretch just a little further and buy The Mega Collection!

Please note that the actual purchase price is in UK Pounds; all other currencies are provided merely as approximate guidelines; fluctuations in exchange rates may vary these amounts.