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The Underground Change

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The Underground Change has been creating a storm amongst card magicians around the world. It is a brand new, very versatile and practical card move invented by England's Jamie Badman. Those who have been lucky enough to see it feel that it is something very special in a time where little is truly new any more.

The Underground Change booklet contains a detailed description of the move, along with ten additional effects by Jamie Badman and Colin Miller which use the move plus two bonus effects which don't use the move but happen to have excellent synergy with 'Misdirection Monte' - the flagship effect of the booklet.

A little about 'Misdirection Monte.' As the title says, it's a Monte effect but unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's a no-gaff effect that we have used hundreds of times and it never fails to draw breaths of astonishment. It truly is impossible! And even better, it's a real pleasure to perform. Honestly, we even do this effect for ourselves sometimes - no kidding - just so that we can see it again! And the really cool thing ?

No gaffs, no sticky cards; in fact no 'work' in the deck at all - it's a routine you can perform anytime with anyone's deck!

But don't take our word for it - check out the video:

The full colour manuscript includes a number of illustrative photographs and is beautifully designed and illustrated by Colin Miller - a leading London graphic designer. It is truly a work of beauty and shows just how good magic publications can look.

The Underground Change is a downloadable full-colour E-Book and is available for just £10 (approximately $15)! (Note that purchase price is in GBP; all other prices are approximate guidelines only.)