Welcome to the firm

Welcome to the Firm

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Introducing 'Welcome to the Firm' - Our first DVD. We are so proud of this project. Big Blind Media filmed this with us and did an absolutely wonderful job creating a professional, finished product. The material on this is top notch - we stand by every single item on here.

We'll list each item individually in a moment but first, let us tell you it's primarily card work - ranging from very easy to moderately advanced. On the DVD you will be taught original sleights that we have developed, great routines we have created and - something we're particularly pleased about - some wonderful dynamics between the effects: We have described how our routines can work together. How with some minor adjustments to one setup you can finish a routine set for the next. This is something so often overlooked but can raise a performance up to another level if it is considered.

Enough blowing trumpets though - let's list what you'll get on this offering:

  • Underground Poker : We've stood on the shoulders of giants to add our own special touches to this three phase gambling routine to make it virtually SELF WORKING and an absolute performance piece.
  • Misdirection Monte : The first time that the Underground Change has been taught on film - this is Jamie's signature effect using his revolutionary move. If all you walk away with is this one routine you'll have ripped us off!
  • Lisp Aces : Our take on the classic Christ Aces with some great presentational hooks and a finish that is set for Misdirection Monte!
  • Hollywood or Bust : Colin's highly acclaimed approach for taking the revelation of a centre-tear or peek to a whole new level. This technique has been highly spoken of by many world-class mentalists.
  • AceAssins : Another signature UC routine - multi-phase, naturally constructed and hits you in the face like an iron crow-bar!
  • Smash & Grab : Two cards perfectly peeked and controlled - you'll watch this, not believe it - and watch it again! Lovely.
  • The Enforcers : A very cool collectors routine. This is the one we perform above all other variations. This is sweet.
  • Katch the Kopper : A triumph routine with the sneakiest move - you'll love the cheekiness of this! A very easy routine that'll give you a wobbly feeling in your tummy every time you perform it!

So that's the deal. Oh we also describe how to set up 'AceAssins' so that you're set for 'Underground Poker' and we tell you some very bad jokes (it's like a karmic counterbalance for all the devastatingly good stuff we're giving away on here - we have to keep the universe in balance some how!).

Get this while you can - it's hot and it's good. We stand by this product 100% - we're sure you'll enjoy 'Welcome to the Firm'.

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