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The Underground Collection Volume 2

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'The Underground Collection Volume Two' is a collection of card effects from the creative minds of Jamie Badman and Colin Miller. It's a downloadable E-Book consisting of nine different routines, most with full presentations, ranging from 'very easy' to 'a little bit tricky' to 'my fingers hurt!'. Also in the booklet is a presentation for a great Simon Aronson effect, as a 'bonus'.

Here's a rundown of the contents:

  • Danger! UXB!: Almost self working and definitely a fooler. The Aces are found then lost then found, wrapped in an intriguing climactic presentation. How does it work ? No idea!
  • It Is Done: An interesting routine that finishes sooner than the spectator expects! This is a nice 'suprise' routine that should spawn some interesting variations!
  • Lisp Aces: Henry Christ's Ace Routine is treated to the 'Underground' touch!
  • Under 21: The hardest routine in the booklet - a gambling effect based around the game of BlackJack - take a look at the video to see how this looks to the spectator!
  • Jazz Jokers: Another classic routine varied by The Underground Collective - this time it's 'Jazz Aces'...
  • The Inner Eye: Something for you memorised deck fans out there!
  • The Beerglass Effect: A card at any number and then another card at another number!
  • Matching Staynes: This and the next routine share the same principle - the Stay Stack.
  • Your Number's Up: A nice 'coincidence' effect

The E-Book is 28 pages in size and for your money you get a lot of new material. We really enjoyed developing this stuff and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy reading it and then performing it! So with that we'll leave you to enjoy the video and to consider this latest offering: 'The Underground Collection Volume Two'!

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