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Imagine an effect that packs in to your wallet, taking up very little room. An effect that packs such a punch when you perform it that your spectators get goosebumps just thinking about it. Imagine an effect that people talk about for years to come.

'Heirloom' is all of this. It is a 'Mental/Magic' kind of effect, suitable for casual performance, table-hopping, strolling magic and more. It comes with a very strong presentation that will captivate your audience and lead to a shattering climax. It could possibly be the greatest performance piece you ever own!

The 'Heirloom' is a old sepia photograph. Of your Great Uncle Charlie - a superstitious old gambler. The photograph clearly shows a prediction made by the spectator to be 100% correct. And... it can always be examined.

(Oh, an alternative presentation for non-caucasians: Charlie needn't be your Uncle; he's a long-lost best friend of you Grandfather - the two of them ran scams and played cards for cash back when they were kids!)

'Heirloom' takes the whole concept right to the very edge; the new ideas introduced will blow your audience away. The presentation, which you are given in full, delivers an emotionally charged moment of astonishment to your spectators and shows no mercy!

This is the first and only time Kenton Knepper has authorized his principle for use in an effect. You will fool magicians who already know this principle with 'Heirloom'! And what's more, just look at the quality of the work involved. It is beautiful.

Kenton himself has said that he will be using this professionally - in fact in his own words:

"Heirloom involves a wonderful story, sneaks in memories and emotion, and ends upon a true sense of awe.  I am all for wonder being spread around the world, and this routine does that.  It causes people to shift their consciousness, even if they are somewhat cynical."

He continues:

"I know that even if you have only one presentational bone in your body, you will love the notion of 'Heirloom' and see the value in it. I know I do."

It is hard to imagine receiving a greater endorsement for 'Heirloom' than this...

But there's more - talented mentalist Luke Jermay says of 'Heirloom':

"I really enjoyed the new direction Heirloom has taken Kollasal Killer in: Brillant effect with excellent presentation and a simple, tried and tested method sure to impress. I am sure you'll find a place for heirloom in your performances... I know I have..."

'Heirloom' includes high quality props and a full description of the 'Kolossal Killer' principle and a completely scripted presentation for the effect that will absolutely blow your audience away.

Available for Pre-Order now. The price advertised is valid for pre-release orders only, post-paid world-wide. Note that purchase price is in GBP; all other prices are approximate guidelines only.

Note that our first run of 'Heirloom' will be limited and interest is running extremely high. If you want to be one of the first to receive 'Heirloom' from us, hurry!

Special Offer! All orders for Heirloom made through this site will receive a special bonus leaflet describing more ideas and tips you can apply to 'Heirloom'! This bonus leaflet is exclusive to 'The Underground Collective'!

'Heirloom' is now shipping!.