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The Underground Collective

Most weeks, for five years, two magicians travelled from opposite directions to London, boarded the Underground and met in a quiet pub in the centre of the city. There a very strange thing seemed to happen; whenever they worked on magic, sparks seemed to fly; ideas from one seemed to be expanded and refined by the other. A strange kind of synergistic catalyst arced between two minds, causing revolutionary new effects and ideas to be forged and tempered. These two magicians were Jamie Badman & Colin Miller and together they call themselves 'The Underground Collective'.

The Underground Collective have developed many new effects, some of which are being released to the fraternity. The first product was a manuscript based on a revolutionary new card move, entitled 'The Underground Change'. The latest release is a beautiful showpiece of mental-magic called 'Heirloom' - and there is much more to come - read about these effects and more on the 'Products' page. Also look out for 'Seance' which will be on the products page shortly - this is a release slated for early 2004 that really is something extra special!

Also, please feel free to sign up on our Mailing List - we shall be sending out news of our work and releases to everyone signed up - and may even send out some 'bonus' material to the list too - so get your name down now!

Colin Miller & Jamie Badman - October 2003.