Welcome to the firm

Welcome to The Underground Collective

Welcome to the 'Underground Collective'! We come to you from the dark subterranean tunnels of the London Underground, surfacing occasionally to bring you the finest in new, innovative mentalism and magic tricks - both self-working and using sleight of hand!

Our products include ebook downloads, utilities and effects, all of which we feel certain you will enjoy! You could be the next David Blaine or Derren Brown - we'd like to think we can help you on your way!

Within this site you will find everything you need to know about our magic; the 'products' pages are the best place to start for that. If you'd like to talk some more or ask further questions, visit our forums - we're always open and usually there to help.

We are constantly thinking and creating; new ideas are to be found on here all the time - to be kept informed of our latest developments, please sign up on to our 'Mailing List' - that way, you'll never miss out on all the exciting products, offers and freebies we have in store for you!


The Underground Collective.